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Providing the highest standard of servicing all major brands suspension parts

We offer bespoke servicing and support of your motorcycle suspension units whether it be at our workshop located at Albany Farm, or when providing track support and assistance in our fully equipped support van.


🔧  Fork Forks (Pair)

🔧  Fork Services £105 + parts and VAT

🔧  Fork Revalve £140 + parts and VAT

Our motorcycle fork revalve service includes the above procedure, but with the damping valves modified and shimmed to improve fork action and performance to suit the individuals riding ability and requirements. Optional fork springs may be needed depending on the riders weight.

Motorcycle Fork Services £105 + parts and VAT

A shock service includes de-gassing, a full strip down, clean and inspect all parts  and reassemble. Parts replaced are new oil, seal, O rings shaft nut, scraper seal and Nitrogen gas. Any other parts over and above this will not be known until the shock is stripped and inspected. ( Please note that not all shocks are the same and parts prices will vary).

Motorcycle Shock Revalve £140 + parts and VAT

A shock revalve includes the above service procedure, but with the main piston rod modified and shimmed to improve performance and tailor the shock to the individual rider requirements. An optional rate shock spring may be needed to suit the individual riders weight.

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