Top Tips you need to know when riding in the Sun


With the weather becoming a lot brighter and warmer, it is ever more tempting to jump on the bike and go for a ride. Who wouldn’t want to ride around with the sun beaming down and the wind in your face?

Yes, riding in the summer is amazing, but you will still need to ensure that you and your bike are prepared for the heat. It is quite easy to forget and rush out without realising these things are essential! With that being said, we thought we would provide you with everything you need to consider.

1.) Always wear the correct biking gear

This is one of the most important points that you need to remember! 

You may be tempted to not wear your leathers as the heat doesn’t make them the most comfortable things to wear. It will probably seem way more appealing to stick a short sleeve on and a pair of shorts. However, the correct biking gear will ensure you are protected if anything was to happen, as your safety is the number 1 priority! 

If you feel like you need some more summer appropriate gear, then we would most definitely urge you to consider  purchasing summer leathers. Rather than being tempted with your everyday summer clothes.

2.) Check your Motorcycle Suspension 

Likewise with the first point, checking your Motorcycle Suspension is also up there with one of the most important things to look at. 

Ensuring that the suspension is being  checked before a long journey is crucial. This is because the suspension creates better traction for acceleration and cornering, which riders will be making the most of on these brighter days. 

We would always recommend that a specialist do this for you, to thoroughly examine your motorcycle suspension as well as tyres, brakes, shocks, forks, seals, and bearings to ensure everything is working as it should.


3.) Water Stops

We know that it is tempting to stay out on your bike for the majority of the day soaking up the sun. 

However, you need to ensure that you plan your journey beforehand, and make sure there are suitable places for you to stop. The key thing when being in direct sunlight is making sure you are taking breaks, especially to keep hydrated. The utmost important thing is to ensure you are keeping hydrated throughout the day / journey. So always make sure you have enough water to last you the journey, or if there are places on route for you to stop at if needed!

4.) Inspect your tyres

Your tires go through a lot with all the different weather conditions, but when the weather becomes warmer, it impacts your tires!

The heat causes the rubber on the tires to really suffer. This is because when the tarmac on the road heats up, your tires do the exact same thing. This then makes it crucial that you check that the pressures are correct.

It is also good to double check that there isn’t any wear or tear / damage to the tyre.

5.) Adapting your riding

As the summer approaches, every rider has the same idea of going out and embracing the weather while on their bikes. However, this means that the roads will become a lot busier. 

It is always good to consider the roads you will be riding on, and how you may need to adapt your riding style to. With the traffic soon building up and becoming more popular for bikers in the brighter days, it is always good to be aware of the visibility. This is because, with the sun beaming down, it can sometimes make it more difficult to have a clear view at all times.

We hope these top tips will help you stay safe when riding on the roads this summer. If you want to make sure your suspension is in top condition to provide you with the smoothest and safest ride possible, do get in contact with us to book your motorbike in for a service or inspection.


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