Our Favorite Trial Bike POV Videos Over The Years


With the British Motocross season fast approaching, we thought it was only right to share some of our favorite Motocross POV videos with you. Being massive Motocross and trails enthusiasts ourselves, we couldn’t think of anything we would want to do more on a Friday afternoon than showcase this jaw dropping list.

Please note: This article features many talented and daring riders from around the world, all of which are specially trained to perform the stunts and actives you see below – so please do not repeat or attempt to replicate any of them.

With that said, lets get right to it with Jonny Walker tackling the back alleys of Portugal 👇

Watch this incredible rider effortlessly take on the brutal Extreme XL Lagares course.

Coming up next, we’ve got the French legend Julien Dupont who decided to turn a roller coaster into his own unique circuit 👇

We can hardly believe this next one is 6 years old already, watch James Stewart clutch this absolutely phenomenal race below  👇 If you’ve ever felt demotivated during a Motocross race, think back to James fighting his way to 1st place from position 14.

We could go all day with this, but we thought we’d wrap things up in style with this absolutely insane stunt featuring one man, a dirt bike and a wave (yes you read that correctly) 👇

Watch the very talented Robbie Maddison take his dirt bike where no other rider has taken it before.

Did you enjoy our selection? Feel free to let us know by tweeting @MHSuspension or messaging us via our Facebook page. If you’ve seen a video you feel would make our next list, be sure to send us a link via our social platforms above and you never know, we may just feature it with a nod to you.

Oh and remember, none of this would have been possible if they had terribly optimised suspension 😉. So if you’ve got a race coming up in the next couple of weeks, feel free to get in touch with our suspension specialist Mark Hammond who will be more than happy to whip your bike into shape.

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