How to Get the Most out of Your Motorcycle Suspension


Straight from the factory, motorcycle suspension is set up to a fixed standard – meaning if you, or your ride style, differ from factory settings, your suspension could be wrong straight off the bat. But with a couple of adjustments, you can be riding happy with a suspension that gets the most out of your motorcycle. Below, we’ve outlined what adjustments to consider and why.


There’s no point in adjusting your suspension if components of it, or other parts of your bike – like tyres, aren’t performing at their optimum. Before making any adjustments, give your motorcycle a full once over to check everything is working correctly, you’ll want to check:


Suspension sag is key to a smooth ride. Too much ‘sag’ and you’ll end up bottoming out your suspension regularly, and too little will make the suspension feel stiff, with not enough give on potholes or speed bumps.

As suspension sag is almost entirely dependent on the rider’s weight, getting it properly measured and adjusted is key.


Typically fitted to make your bike more stable (and incidents of being thrown off your bike more irregular!), a steering damper can help your front end stay on track and prevent rider fatigue. When fitted correctly, they will never make your steering heavier or result in any other disadvantages – instead, resulting in a safer, more comfortable ride.


Now for the fun part, testing out your new suspension on the open road! We recommend regularly testing your suspension against your weight and ride style as you make adjustments, so you can assure you get the perfect fit for you. Adjustments to your motorcycle can help make it feel like you’re riding a completely different motorcycle – one perfectly set up for you.

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