6 Mobile Apps Every Biker Should Download For Their Ride


While there’s nothing like a free ride, no pre-planned destination, expectations or worries, it’s easier to relax knowing that, if you need it, you can quickly find fuel, maps and other tools to help you on your journey. 

Mobile apps have come to really enhance the biker experience. They make the journey run smoothly, and they can even help you find a community of other riders, plan the best trips and map out a rain-free ride. Whatever you want, it’s all in your pocket. And we’ve pulled together the best six apps that every rider should download for their ride. 

Google Maps

This one is for iPhone users who won’t already have Google Maps as a standard. So far, there is no map app that beats Google Maps. Waze does well in the cities, but Google Maps has the farthest reach. What’s more, it gives live traffic updates, an ETA, and you can see your tracked timeline from your account, making it a handy source to find information about past journeys. 

Best Biking Roads

Most bikers will have heard of Best Biking Roads, and for a good reason. It’s a great source of peer-reviewed biking roads and routes. It’s an international app, so it’s handy wherever you are, and you can see which routes have been highly rated by other rides, so you know where is most likely to offer the best time. Simply select your region, and it’ll bring up which of the 10,000+ routes are nearby. 

WhatGas Petrol Prices

While you’re on the road, you may as well keep your eyes open for the best petrol prices, and WhatGas Petrol Prices helps you to do just that. When you open the app, it checks your location and brings up the petrol stations close by, showing you the best prices. This app covers the UK and many other countries, so those crossing borders can still benefit from great petrol prices. 

Rain Alarm

Gathering data from governmental weather services all across the world, including the UK, Rain Alarm alerts you of upcoming rain and snow, with real-time or near real-time data. Unlike a traditional forecast, Rain Alarm is constantly tracking weather services, and it can link to your location data to warn you when rain is near. 


RISER lets you share stories, pictures, ride and route information, and view the same from others. RISER also has an in-built tracker so that you can review your ride data and share it with friends in the app. You can also start to build stats and charts about your rides, and there is a weather service to keep all you need in the one app. 


Biking is often about the community just as much as it is about getting on the road. Finding that community is now as easy as downloading an app. Those who eat, sleep and ride, can connect with other bikers to share experiences, stories, reviews, pictures, routes, biking events, and anything else that the community is curious about. In-built in EatSleepRIDE is a tracker to record location, distance, speed and duration so that routes and times don’t need to be remembered to be shared. You can simply access the data and share it with the community. 

Perhaps the best feature of EatSleepRIDE is that it fosters both an online and offline community for riders to connect with others. You can set up or find events, look for others to ride with and even find cafes and hang out areas that are biker friendly, where you’re likely to bump into other riders. 

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